Rates overview

Short term parking

  • Daily-Rate

    08:00 – 20:00
    1,50 € / 60 min.
    Max. 8,00 €
  • Night-Rate

    20:00 – 08:00
    1,50 € / 60 min.
    Max. 4,00 €

Vehicle charging

  • AC charging current AC-Charging
    Base charging rate: inclusive
    Standing time, 08:00 – 20:00: from 240. min. 0,02 € / min.
    Standing time, 20:00 – 08:00: inclusive
    Consumption: 0,45 € / kWh
  • Standing time is billed by the minute. Measured value is billed on a pro rata basis according to actual use.
    Parking fees excluded. If parking short-term, you pay applicable parking fees separately. If parking long-term, you pay applicable parking fees according to your contract.

Bike parking in the Bike-Station Uniklinik Franziskus

  • 24 Hour-Rate

    1,50 € / 24 hrs.
  • Up to 24 hours of parking time for a bike from the time you access a bike station and start the parking process. If the bike remains secured in the bike station for longer than 24 hours, a new 24-hour cycle begins and further 1,50 € fees are due. Max. 15,00 € per month.

One contract, many benefits!

  • Cash-free, contactless parking/charging
  • Demand-based parking/charging rates
  • Receipts for all transactions
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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about our services
  • Park car safely
  • Payment options, opening hours, parking duration, rates
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