Parking area management

APAG is an expert in on-street and off-street parking management.
We advise, support, invest, manage, operate and maintain.

Management, new developments, or leases
for property operators, healthcare providers, municipalities

  • At APAG, we provide comprehensive, integrated parking management
  • We help people find parking and give them the best parking options
  • We promote mobility while respecting environmental concerns
  • We build the image of our partners and provide location marketing
  • We ensure our partners' brand promise, enabling them to greet and bid farewell to their customers and create their own brand experience
  • We promote the idea of service, allowing our partners to offer their products via cross-selling and sales tools
  • We foster mobility for patients, visitors, suppliers and staff
  • We offer individual billing and pricing models for each customer group
  • We increase profitability
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Event parking management

Many events, like sporting events, concerts, open-air festivals and conferences, require everything to be perfect for the overall experience to be a success. "Event parking management" encompasses all the services we provide to help your event be a success, which we are happy to include in your contract.

Safety and security, seamless traffic control, working closely with authorities, comprehensible information systems and relaxed drivers: these are the cornerstones of our commitment to quality.

Our experience with events ranging in size from 1,000 to over 100,000 visitors, the technology we use and our well-trained staff help us deliver on this promise.

Parkwart auf Eventgelände

Partnering with us

APAG sees itself as a promoter and designer of intermodal mobility as well as a service and mobility hub. Climate policy goals have been set, people are reevaluating their values and markets are changing.

Vor diesen Hintergründen operiert die APAG in ihrer Verantwortung vorausschauend und proaktiv.

Parcel station

Different target groups, different requirements

APAG provides many different services to various road users. In addition, APAG partners with its community as well as other mobility service providers and is committed to ensuring mobility. APAG's infrastructure provides an excellent testing environment to model various scenarios of the future of urban life.

Our domain

The APAG effect can be seen on buildings, roadsides and temporary settings like large-scale events.

Our effect

Thanks to its technological advantage, new developments and high degree of digitalisation, APAG provides:

  • Real-time data collection
  • Traffic guidance and navigation
  • Smart parking management
  • Trends
  • Demand-based product development
  • New value creation models
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Your contact

Dania El-Rikabi-Röß +49 241 1688-5550

Advertising at APAG

Our multi-storey car parks are located throughout Aachen's lively city centre. We provide parking for city residents and visitors, lovers of culture and fine food, shopping enthusiasts, night owls and many more.

Take advantage of this diversity and reach your target group where they park. In APAG car parks.

Your contact

Long reach

  • Over 1,000 views per day for your message
  • 4 city car parks offer direct access to your customers as they go out to shop, eat, drink, celebrate and relax
  • Up to 3.5 million cars park with APAG every year
  • The city of Aachen receives an average of 57,000 visitors per day – your advertising goes far beyond the city limits

Numerous benefits

Would you like to advertise new products, announce sales campaigns and events, or increase awareness of your company?

APAG means numerous marketing opportunities: advertise in city lights or aluminium click frames, on gates or the backs of parking tickets, or using your own format and location. View our brochure for inspiration and let your creativity run wild.

City light, evening in Aachen city centre
APAG ServiceCenter

Have questions? We are happy to answer them! You can call us any day of the week from 7:00 to 20:00. Outside of these hours, we can be reached at any time by email.

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