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  • Cash-free, contactless parking/charging
  • Demand-based parking rates
  • Secure bicycle parking
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Road crossing

Car parking

Whether you are shopping, visiting a doctor, going to a business appointment, or enjoying your free time, there are many reasons to be out and about.

Our goal is to turn something you have to do into something you like doing.

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Car parking

Juice up the car?

  • Charging and parking for electric cars
  • Contactless and cashless with Mobility-Key
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Car charging in APAG charging station

Bike parking

  • Secure parking for bicycles
  • 1,50 € for up to 24 hours
  • Max. 15 € per month
  • One Mobility-Key for all bike stations
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Secure parking for bicycles in the bike station

APAG app

  • Real-time availability of APAG parking facilities
  • Buy parking tickets for events
  • Easily view receipts on the go

Parking area management

  • Management, new developments, or leases for property operators, healthcare providers, municipalities
  • Temporary parking infrastructure for your event

    Advice and planning, parking space design, signage, barriers, traffic control, parking technology, fee structure, online ticketing, payment and clearing

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Parking facility gate

Event parking management

Many events, like sporting events, concerts, open-air festivals and conferences, require everything to be perfect for the overall experience to be a success.

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Waving parking attendant at event parking lot

For a mobile society

  • Switching from private car to bicycle, from bus to car pool
  • Access to other mobility service providers
  • Service hub for goods and services
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Person operates parcel station

Advertising at APAG

  • Over 1,000 views per day for your message
  • 4 city car parks offering direct access to your customers as they shop, eat, drink, celebrate and relax
  • Up to 3.5 million cars park with APAG every year
  • The city of Aachen receives an average of 57,000 visitors per day – your advertising goes far beyond the city limits
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City Light billboard with the inscription "Partner in Mobility"

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APAG ServiceCenter

Have questions? We are happy to answer them! You can call us any day of the week from 7:00 to 20:00. Outside of these hours, we can be reached at any time by email.

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